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Project Description

Custom-built Displays and Display Props

Good display really is half the battle –  it is the frame on which your story is built. A good display will highlight the object’s finest and most interesting points and even get recruited into telling the object’s story. Heritageworks has created bespoke traditional display cases and display props and mounts in non-emissive, conservation-grade materials including glass, wood, emission-free mdf and plexiglass.

We also like to come up with novel display solutions, to show objects in new and surprising ways. The picture on the left shows a wheel of the Crossley Tender, the vehicle involved in the Kilmichael Ambush, during Ireland’s War of Independence, in a climate controlled case by Heritageworks. Rather than try to minimise or hide the object’s decay, the rust has been highlighted as an aspect of the updated significance of the artefact in its new context. It was burned and left to rot before it was taken to the old museum, where it was stored under sub-optimal conditions, and, almost 100 years after the event, this is what remains.


We aim to come up with innovative and striking ways to display objects, as well as traditional free-standing cabinets, inset wall displays, open displays, cabinets, wall-mounted objects (where appropriate) and standing displays.

Custom display design and build
Conservation standard displays
Object labelling
Mounts and props


As well as focusing on quality and innovation, we make sure our displays pull their weight by complementing, or even contributing, to the storytelling and interpretive element of the exhibition.

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